simple things

today i ate a square marshmallow and it was good. it tasted better than normal marshmallows but that might be in my head.

today i drank coffee but it was 3/4 milk and 1/4 coffee. does this still count?

today i ate chicken-fried steak, pancakes, bacon, hash browns, cake, popcorn, salad, apple, banana – all in one day (not in order). how is this possible? oh well… now it’s all in my belly.

today i sat by a windowsill and i just stared at the trees. it was a nice moment i shared with God. very peaceful.

today was my last day of going to a school all the way in fort worth with my car buddies, and it was my last nap that i would take on our car rides there. i was mostly happy though to say goodbye to fort worth but i will miss my naps.

today i realized i am almost halfway through this finals week. i also realized i will miss my cute little dorm room, being able to walk to a dining hall, walk to classes with my friends, laugh, complain with them.

today i realized life is really simple. all i need to do is follow Jesus and everything else will fall into place. i dunno why i was stressing this whole time about who knows what.

thank you Jesus for loving this simple-minded girl who falls asleep in class sometimes and then her friend has to wake her up (it only happened once). thank you for this sweet time where i was able to be almost a college student again. thank you for all the good people i met and for all the lessons i learned. thank you for knowing me much better than i know myself because clearly you know what’s going on when i don’t. thank you for knowing ahead of time that the only subject i would be able to teach is math (ironically) and i am pretty bad at teaching anything else. thank you for the good moments i had with my students which were glimpses of what i would be doing in the future. a million times thank you Jesus.



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