i’ll let go

i’ll let go
of pursuing what the world says is good
of my ideas of a comfortable and good life
of my dreams for my future

i’ll let go
of my pride
of pleasing people to gain approval
of my reputation and my “good name”

i’ll let go
of chasing things in this world
of my love for money and material things
of trying to find security in my bank account

i’ll let go
of trying to run this race on my own
of thinking that i can do this on my own
of living a life separated from you

i’ll let go
of believing that someone other than you will ever be enough
of thinking that human love is better than yours
of not finding contentment with you

i’ll let go
i’ll let go
because, Jesus, you are worth it all and more
because a life lived for you is far better than any life i could imagine on my own
(inspired by AMP’s song Evermore, i copied their format and wrote my own spin because i love the song so much.)



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