come on eileen



Today, I stand in the middle of a grocery store with my mom and I am delighted to hear one of my favorite songs playing. I am taken back to two summers ago when I was in riding in the backseat of a red Ford with Shelby and Ben with the windows down. This song was playing and Ben sang along. I remember the good times I had with them and even the times I felt homesick. I shared many fond memories with Shelby. We lived together for three months in a nice apartment in a suburb in Detroit.

I was in such a different season of life compared to where I am now. I don’t think back then that I would have imagined that I would be doing what I am doing now – working at a restaurant while living at home. Maybe, back then I would have imagined that I would be living in a small studio apartment in New York while working in advertising. I wouldn’t change my situation right now even if I could.

It’s the times of homesickness and loneliness yet joy and happy times that I had in Detroit make me appreciate what I have now. Sometimes, it’s hard living at home when I am continually woken up by my brothers screaming at each other in the morning about one thing or another. Or when my brothers call me all the time for rides. It’s not fun when my parents tell me something I am doing wrong or complain that I am interrupting them while they are watching something that I have no interest in. I know I will miss these times and the chaos of living with my younger brothers before they go off to college.

Each season of my life is not what I expected at all, but it’s even better. I would have never chosen Detroit as my first choice of places to intern at, but I wouldn’t trade my Detroit experience with any other city. All the times of getting lost with Shelby or missing the bus or receiving prophecy at Shelby’s relatives or going to Frankenmuth and getting Christmas ornaments will be times that I will treasure.

Thankful for this season of my life where I feel like I can be a kid again under the roof of my parent’s house. Thankful to be around college students at church which makes me feel like I’m still in college. Thankful to have my own room again which reminds me of my high school years. Although, I feel like everything has been moving super fast since I graduated, I’m thankful for this season of rest.




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